Collecting Marbles

So the story goes, Sara has been comfortable talking to and in front of strangers since she was a chatty and curious child.  Perhaps this explains her passion for communication in all forms. As a marketing professional, she has coordinated initiatives for the production of marketing strategies, communication and more. A social media advocate, Sara enjoys driving the initiatives for a substantial social media marketing strategy for forward thinking firms and organizations.

Recently, Sara was awarded the 2011 Rising Star Award which honors a current member of the Society of Marketing Professional Services Virginia.  This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to the field of marketing professional services and has shown an aptitude for leadership through involvement in and contributions to the Chapter.  She intends to continue supporting organizational efforts including committees for SMPS Virginia and AIGA Richmond.

Passionate about creating original stories and sharing knowledge gained with anyone willing to listen and discuss, this determined marketer aspires to continue her climb through professional development, research and continued education.  After her local writing debut, Sara aspires to continue building her network of writing colleagues and sharing meaningful stories with her community and beyond.

Folks interested can follow Sara on Twitter at @selrva and connect with her on LinkedIn for additional professional information and experience.


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