180 degrees in four months or less

I don’t love to write these kinds of posts, but I’ve been putting off expressing thoughts and feelings through writing (and my blog in general) for quite some time. So here goes just a bit – thanks for your patience.Image

Since my last post, life sure seems to have gone a bit crazy. In May I suffered an injury to my hip / pelvis that I thought wasn’t so bad – until I waited until June to have it check out and realized I had a stress fracture among other things.

Several doctors, crutches, xrays and physical therapy sessions later – it’s August and I’m still on the mend. Definitely learned my lesson to get things checked out a little sooner if something seems off.

Needless to say, I am not completing my first half or full marathons this year. Disappointing for sure – and trying very hard not to let the whole experience keep me discouraged. *Special note – my injury was NOT a running injury, but a freak accident. Runners keep on running! Just remember to take care of yourselves, stretch and crosstrain!

There have been other hiccups with the house, car accidents, life frustrations – but each piece teaches me that nothing in life is guaranteed and all we can do is keep on going from day to day trying to focus on the positives and be grateful for the things that are going right.

Thanks for reading and I hope this finds the rest of you well!

Here’s to the changing of the season and a hopefully calm and beautiful fall!



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