Monthly Archives: September 2012

farewell to our first place

photo (2)we are saying farewell to our sweet little condo where we’ve lived together for four years now. this bittersweet feeling of excitement and change inspired me to say goodbye to our condo through the following list of memories.
first dates, nearby bookstore, fast food at the coffee table, sleep overs, soccer games, pizza and beer, kitten adoption, couch moving, painting, proposing, planning, renovating, traveling, neighbors, smoking, not smoking, running, not running, making dinner, dropping pasta, fighting, dvr, green room, making up, pacing the hallway in five steps, honeymooning, new curtains, cleaning in 30 minutes, closed blinds, naptime, packing, window sills, cat perches, hugs, friends, jokes, closet attacks, lots of paint, more sofa moving, food throwing, parking, thanking, packing, moving
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