Monthly Archives: August 2012

let me be…

written by sara lowery anderson

tuesday, august 14, 2012


let me be different. i have the right to change.

let me stay the same. i have the right to fear evolution.


let me be happy. i choose not to be any other option.

let me be fretful. calm is not always the easiest of options to land on.


let me be young. i choose not to feel old.

let me be old. i am wiser than my age may exclaim.


let me be successful. you don’t need to be jealous or spiteful.

let me experience failure. it allows me to keep striving for success.


let me be the rock. i like when you lean on me.

let me be broken. i like it when you are there to fix me.


Have You Ever Been to “The Writing Show”?

In case you missed it – check out what the James River Writers’ July 2012 Writing Show was all about.

Stay tuned for upcoming writing shows by checking in on often!

Color Me Rad RVA 2012

Better to share late than never! The Color Me Rad 5K came to Richmond this July and life certainly got a little messy and fun that weekend – highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t mind a lot of fun followed by a lot of clean up and sleep.












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