bodies and brains – 4.30.12

right now and often recently I am focused on and fascinated by our bodies and brains.

bodies of babies. small, soft, sweet and smelling wonderful. tiny toes, funny laughs, curious eyes.

bodies of children. nephews. growing so fast. crawling, walking, laughing, talking. still soft and sweet and soon to show scraped knees and wild personalities.

bodies of those who raised me. the same but different. determined. changing against their will. growing older. brains inside having to adjust. attitudes changing. sometimes acting like those they raised and who raised them.

bodies of those who raised them. two bodies resting side by side in peace. two physically living and often suffering. apart. afraid. stubborn.

bodies of older holding bodies of younger. brains of older teaching brains of younger. brains of younger fighting with brains of older. becoming who they are. not copying those raising them exactly.

our bodies and brains observing all other bodies and brains. at work. at rest. always changing. never staying exactly the same.

biology. anatomy. psychology.


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