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There’s lots of buzz around Richmond right now about the cult-like success of the relatively new RVA brand for our little city.

The concept was developed by a community of professional and student designers, community members, business owners and city volunteers, endorsed by everyone from students to the mayor. The three letters are the brainchild of, well, everyone and no one at the same time. My gut tells me the concept originated with the regular young folk around these parts. Friends of mine have been using the concise acronym RVA to talk about the city as long as I’ve been here. In many ways it was an obvious choice, in other ways it probably took some thought and convincing. Richmond has been referred to as The River City for some time, and has at times been nicknamed by it’s airport code, RIC. To me, RVA speaks to the younger generations…

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  1. Emily says:

    Thanks for sharing my post!

    • Hey Em! Absolutely 🙂 Great points and it really is excited that those three little letters help people resonate more with today’s Richmond as opposed to the historical hold ups.

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