Quieting Your Editor

Photo by Chris Anderson

If you have read previous posts on my blog, you have probably heard me talk about the creative non-fiction writing class I took with Valley Haggard last summer. One (out of so many) valuable lessons I learned in that class was the importance of quieting your editor when you’re trying to write.

Admittedly, my editor has gotten extremely loud recently. He reminds me of a terrible 90’s high-school movie sports’ coach who demands performance through beating up instead of encouraging his team. It can be difficult to block him out when my positive mind shouts out, “try this new idea” and Coach Shout bullies in with a, “what! don’t add that to your plate. you can’t take that on! what are you thinking?”

So, needless to say – Coach Shout has won a few battles over the last month or so. But I’m declaring that it’s time for me to win the war. Just like we discussed quieting or ignoring our editors in writing class (which is so incredibly important if you ever want to get words on your page) – I am practicing shutting out my editor around the clock. Not angrily, but calmly asking the coach to share encouragement and motivational challenges that I can accomplish what I need to one step at a time. This is a difficult practice – but makes a huge difference in my mental voice each day, as well as my ability to write anything from small blurbs for work to journals and stories I’d like to continue to expand.

So fellow aspiring writers, bloggers – anyone who has a loud, annoying voice in their head telling them they can’t, shouldn’t, whatever the case may be – I hope this post gives you some peace of mind that you aren’t alone and a bit of a boost to give that editor a civil, “Shut up and let me work”.

Happy Friday,



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