“Taking Things for Granted”

“Don’t take what you have for granted.”

How often did you hear this phrase when you were younger? From our parents, grandparents and respected elders – they tried to impress the importance of not taking things for granted deep down into our minds.

As we grow older, some of these beloved mentors and teachers are no longer there to remind us not to take all we have for granted.  Now it is up to us to remind ourselves and our closest friends and family how important it is to treasure every person, place and pleasure we have in our lives no matter how small.

It isn’t always the easiest “thought” to practice in everyday life. We have a hard day at work and complain about it. Our path takes us past decked out shop windows and the internet shows us the billion things we could purchase with the click of a button. We always want more money, stuff, friends… you name it.

If you feel yourself descending on the spiral of WANT – remember to step back and take a look at what you already HAVE. Most of us have a support system of family and friends we take for granted. So instead of aching for new – reach out to existing and tell them how important they are to you. Most of us have homes we like to nit-pick apart, from paint colors to old carpet to hand-me-down furniture. Step back and think about how you can use what you have to spruce your already well-loved dwelling place. These are just two examples – but you get the picture. When you find yourself focusing on what you don’t have, force yourself to remember what you DO.

I have been meaning to post a write up based on “The Happiness Project” written by Gretchin Rubin (and still intend to) – but this post is just a start at one of the many thoughts that book has reminded me to bring back to my rattled brain on days when I lose sight of all I already have and how very thankful I am each day to be so blessed.

Thanks for reading!




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