lessons from ‘eleven

after yet another crazy, life-changing year  ( aren’t they all? )  it only seems right to document just a few of the many thoughts, lessons and observations learned from 2011 before the new year arrives.

so, in no particular order, here goes:

1. never judge a book, a person, a job, a home, a relationship (you get the point) by its cover. if you do, you might truly be missing something great.

2. take nothing you have for granted. even on days where you feel low, take just a moment to realize how lucky you are to be alive and well.

3. tell those close to you that you like them / love them every chance you get. small compliments and kind words go far.  

4. be considerate even when others aren’t. say please, thank you and your welcome. spin things positively.

5. compliment people when they do kind things, when they look nice, when they practice the smallest acts of kindness, when they do a good job. it will make their day and yours.

6. pick your battles, at home and at work. you’ll feel your stress level slowly decrease.

7. don’t apologize too much – for who you are, how you act, silly things. be yourself and folks that treasure you for just that will be the ones worth surrounding yourself with.

8. don’t put yourself down. gain a few pounds, get some answers wrong, eat & drink too much, forget simple tasks – do all these things without beating yourself up. you are human.

9. always proofread your emails, and your send-to addresses – personal and professional. don’t let your inbox be a stressor.

10. spend your time doing what makes you feel good mentally, physically and emotionally. you may not always be able to meet all three – but if there is a huge obstacle in your way, find a way to break through it.

11. “Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” – Guillaume Appolinaire

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