on Maggie’s birthday

Dedicated to my dearest friend Becky, her husband Josh and their darling girl Maggie  

November 22, 2011 [11.22.11] I just realized how neat her birthdate is.

Today, a perfect little girl was born. Today, my best friend became a mother. Today, our lives changed one more time for the better.

From playing with kittens and sock puppets in preschool, staying distantly connected in elementary, reuniting excitedly in junior high and pulling apart yet again in high school but staying closer as we thought we were “growing up” – we have truly shared some amazing milestones together.

From first playdates to first kisses, heart breaks and hours of laughter – I am ever thankful to call you my friend.

Yesterday you completed one of our many big phone-call firsts. The phone rings, I excitedly and nervously answered “Are you okay? Do we have a baby girl?” You calmly said, “Looks like we’re going to today! Can I do this?” Immediately I assured you, “Of course you can. You are going to be wonderful, and so is she.”

I am so incredibly happy for you my friend and cannot wait to meet you precious miracle.

You are strong, passionate, caring and brave – and I am so profoundly proud of you!

My love always to my friend, now to be affectionately known also as Maggie’s Mom 🙂


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