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An Engagement to Remember

It’s hard to believe that just two years ago today I said yes to what many consider one of the most important questions a gal can be asked – “Will you marry me?”

Always a fan of tricks and surprises, Chris had an elaborate scheme planned for his proposal.  Only a few weeks before he popped the question, we survived what we like to call “the weekend from hell.” I vividly remember us saying, “if we can survive this kind of weekend peacefully we can survive anything together.”

One of the key hiccups of that weekend was a broken, leaking air conditioning unit in our utility closet.  We mopped up and poured out buckets of water from the leak – what a huge mess!

So how does that relate to his proposal prank? On October 7, 2009 – I came home late from an outing with a friend (that he had set up without me realizing) to find him on hands and knees working on the air unit again!  The place was burning up since he turned off the AC to make it more real and had been sweating for an hour waiting for my return home.  I walked in a bit flustered wondering what the heck was going on and he tells me in his calm way that everything is okay there was just something stuck in the water pipe like before. With that, he turns on one knee grinning as I begin to finally get the picture and asks, “so, will you?” while holding out the ring.  I responded with a jumble of choice words (including “you sneaky bastard!” he likes to remind me) and the rest of the night was spent telling family and friends our happy news and not being able to sleep for all the excitement.

Thanks for letting me share this story tonight and here’s to happiness for all.



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