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Writing with Cookies

Tonight – I met for the final time with five fellow writers who have shared their Thursday nights with one another since the first week of August.  The final prompt for our final class read, “What I really meant to say…”

In honor of these talented writers and comrades, I would like to share and document my response to our last prompt together this month.

” What I really meant to say…No…What I really want to say – not too artistically or eloquently or in an over thought out fashion is…Thank You.  Thank you for making me gain confidence in writing when I’ve run into one too many naysayers.  Thank you for sharing pastries and treats without talking about the amount of calories within. Thank you for bringing me to new environments in real life and through your stories.  Also, I really want to say that each and every one of you must keep going with your stories.  I want to see more of Hope’s crushed colors and hear more of her melodic poetry.  I want to hear more of Monti’s graphic journeys to the past and the future. I want to hear Timothy curse in rhythm and design characters who have interesting roads ahead.  I want to hear David’s recovery from present to discovery and beyond. And I want to hear Valley’s life in words continue to evolve as she teaches and guides other writers like us.  What I want, really, for myself is to keep writing what those subconscious characters we talked about and almost met tonight keep asking me to write. I want to fill shoes…No…I want to create my own shoes and fill them.  I don’t want our class to end tonight. I wish I could think of a more just quotation to close with – but the beauty is that I don’t have to close – I can leave this book open.  And so can all of you…”

Stay tuned for a more detailed story about this writing class and instructor and how you can share your stories as we have been so fortunate to do.


New Life for “Jar”

Photo from "TeacherMum"

I have accidentally nicknamed my blog “Jar” in the past few days – catching myself referring to it as such.  So – with its affectionate new nickname – I’ll be giving it some love over the coming weeks and months.

Along the way – if you have any news you would like to hear about, topics you wish to learn more about or stories you would like to share – just let me know.

Here’s to all of your who have read the varied posts so far, shared your comments and offered support in its continued growth.

After a crazy week of work, long meetings, earthquakes and looming hurricanes – I am truly grateful for you all.



“Reblogs” Below…

I don’t typically reblog – but felt the two posts below from SMPSVA President’s Notes and River City Fiction were well worth sharing! Check out these posts and the full blogs – you might just stumble across a few things you like!!

Stay tuned for most posts from our jar and as always feel free to share your thoughts on what you would like to read about.

Happy almost weekend!



Girls of Summer Reading List is live today! (via River City Fiction)

Girls of Summer Reading List is live today! In earlier posts I've talked about how much I love the work of local authors Gigi Amateau and Meg Medina. Now it's their turn to share the books they love through their Girls of Summer reading list. This isn't your dreaded school reading list with titles that make young readers cringe and hide the books until a week before the school year begins. Instead, the list is full of strong female characters in engaging stories. Some titles, like Girl Sto … Read More

via River City Fiction

Support a Great Cause and Socialize in Norfolk & Richmond! (via SMPS Virginia: President's Notes)

Support a Great Cause and Socialize in Norfolk & Richmond! As the SMPS 2010-2011 year winds down and we look forward to another spectacular year ahead of us, we are excited to announce summer socials in both Norfolk and Richmond! I thought it would be a great opportunity for our SMPS network to get together and enjoy the company of peers, colleagues and friends. I also wanted to honor one of our members (and friend) Taylor Leigh. His six-year old son, Kaleb, is currently fighting Leukemia and the Leighs … Read More

via SMPS Virginia: President's Notes

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