Ooga Chaka

Warning, this post is totally from left field – but the idea for it has been circling my mind for a while now – so here goes.

Lately I seem to be channelling Ally McBeal circa 1997 – having somewhat creepy (especially if they feature the Ooga Chaka baby) visions of myself dancing through the bathroom stalls in an awkward panic or celebration. You know those classic scenes in movies or shows where the main character flashes out of their mind for a moment, lets their thoughts wander and stray and then snaps back to reality thinking – did that really just happen? Did I do a little dance down the grocery aisle or hum a few too many bars of that random song in my head?

Like I said, this post is coming from left field – but if you can relate to what I’m talking about here, feel free to post comments and we’ll see who else out there has these moments with us.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. Sometimes it’s fun to just let loose and stop trying to be so perfect. Enjoy it now and then!


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