up close and personal

close photo

Our cat, affectionately known as The Alley Cat, climbed mischievously into my lap the other night and proceeded to invade my personal space – so to speak. That oddly enough made me think about our personal boundaries – those physical, emotional and intellectual.

Obviously, as this grand cat teaches us, physical boundaries are pretty simple to identify and define. The emotional can be quite tricky. These are impacted by who you are interacting with, in what environment and the sensitivity of the subject at hand. For the last one – not 100 percent sold on whether to call it intellectual, mental or something else – but if you surround yourself with different types of people personally and professionally – you likely will have no problem relating to what I mean about varied levels of intellect and how they can impact your communication and ability to get to know someone.

Just some random marbles for you to ponder – as I’ll continue to do as well. This idea of relationship building can get quite interesting when comparing methods and options between friends, family, colleagues and even clients.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts as well! I’d love to build upon this post with your insight.




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