thoughts for our jar

Happy Friday everyone! I hope this week has treated you well. I haven’t written an “off the cuff” post in a while – and after an extremely full week of exercising my mind, body, spirit, and being pushed out of my comfort zones in several ways, I thought I would at least share a few quick thoughts this Friday.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Stay tuned for posts to come that have been in the making I am very excited to share – including one that is close to home for any Richmond readers about yesterday’s i.e. RVA Launch!

For now, and for the sake of time, the tweet that inspired this post will wrap up my big thought for the moment. Earlier today, I was overwhelmed with emails and posts and texts of thanks from people who have been hanging in there with me through a recent transition, and who I have been able to help along the way. Touched by their support and encouragement, I simply tweeted, “Feeling so strongly that I must say there is truly nothing as rewarding as helping another find their way to success and happiness.” This thought and this post is a beginning of an elaboration of this thought – and a hope to spread a message to readers of the positive impact we can have on those around us.

In a nutshell – when you reach out, ask questions, meet people, introduce networks, share knowledge, do a favor, (the list goes on) just a little bit at a time – the positive impact these acts can have on your life are huge! I’ll share more direct quotes in my i.e. recap post but one of the Provocateurs from yesterday’s Launch, Ed Trask, said it so well, “Little things make big things.”

It’s as simple as that!




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