victory before defeat, revisited

This is a post I wrote for a small, local creative group that motivates and inspires me – allowing members to share their thoughts and aspirations. If you have a blog (or several) that you write for you may find it interesting (as I have here) to scroll way back through your archives and read through the roller coaster of thoughts, topics, and idea you have shared and read comments from your friends and colleagues. There are always opportunities to learn from our previous endeavors and to enhance those ahead.

Victory Before Defeat

I attend a local gym that displays a sign on the door that reads, “You’ve made it here, that’s half the battle.” I’ve been going there for over a year, and every time I read that sign before pushing myself that extra step further I feel so much better about myself. It is so easy to talk yourself out of the simplest tasks – to be overwhelmed by creating a routine, by packing a gym bag each day, changing from work clothes to gym clothes (not to mention leaving work at the door), driving over to the gym, finding a parking space, picking the machine that feels right, ignoring the people all around you with their own interesting workout habits, and staying on until you have reached the goals you have set once you are on. But after all of that, you eventually find your groove. Your breathing feels easier, your muscles warm up, your thoughts calm down, and you are just there – just you and your music (my current preference: country power ballads -odd right?), your calm thoughts if you want to think, your lack of thoughts if you want to zone out, and as you cool down from your run, jog, walk, what-have-you – you feel this amazing sense of accomplishment. You set a goal and you met it. No matter how simple it may seem – it is an achievement.

Now, after that long lead-in – I’ll get to the point! At the first Create Richmond meeting, a lot of us talked about our struggles with just making ourselves get started. We want to make a website, write a story, improve our skills – but we are so overwhelmed with the idea of failing that our defeatist attitude holds us back from even beginning! After just one meeting with just five like-minded people, I have already posted more entries to my own personal blog this week than I have in the past month.

However, there is also the power of self motivation. Chances are, you won’t always have five fellow folks calling you up and saying “Hey, did you write today?” Did you make it to your symbolic “gym” whatever that may be? So – the message here is that we all have to dig down deep and remind ourselves that getting started is half of the battle. Just beginning the project or doing the task we have been talking about for however long is a victory. Finishing it is an even bigger victory – but we can’t talk ourselves out of moving forward just because we are afraid of defeat!

I hope this thought is helpful to our readers and thanks for listening!


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