exciting news for richmond’s creatives!

New article from RichmondGRID.com !! Check it out!

Lead by Example: Branding RVA as a Creativity Hub
Greater Richmond Chamber Launches ‘i.e.’

Over the course of discussions with various community and business leaders—including Andy Stefanovich with Prophet, Richmond Times-Dispatch publisher Tom Silvestri, the Creative Change Center’s executive director Chrystal Wake, John Sarvay of Floricane and West Cary Group partner Moses Foster—the Chamber has set the groundwork to promote RVA’s creative community.

The initiative called i.e. (innovative excellence) will focus on ideas and ingenuity found in the regions’ arts, business, bio science and higher education sectors.

By celebrating Richmond’s unique abilities, i.e. wants to “create a local culture supportive of uncommon thinking which will drive successive innovation,” according to Stephanie Phillips, Director of Member Value and Engagement for the Greater Richmond Chamber.

The first project will kick off on June 23rd with i.e.’s all-day, interactive, launch event similar to the TED conference that will feature as many as 36 local innovators who will be invited to talk briefly about their projects.

With plans to be held in Downtown warehouse space, the event will offer a unique networking luncheon, to be followed by afternoon breakout sessions.

According to Philips by “highlighting current sources of new thinking, i.e. hopes to encourage new innovation, help speed the pace and exponentially grow new thinking.”

Beginning June 1st, one new featured presenter for the i.e. launch will be announced daily on http://www.ie-rva.org/. Ticket sales and a lottery for free tickets will launch soon on the same site.


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