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WHY add to “A Jar Full of Marbles” every week? The idea behind this blog is to share interesting finds, books, ideas – you name it! Well, recently, I stumbled upon an interesting new marble indeed.

This one recommends that we ask “Why?” Not a foreign concept right? If you have kids, I bet they ask you “why” a million times a day! If you don’t – I’m sure you remember BEING that kid that drove your parents insane with repeated questioning!

(Sidenote: Think for just a moment how difficult it is to sometimes come up with an answer to “why” – do we too often falter to the default answer “because, that’s just how it is”?)

So, let’s shine some light on this new find. I came across a tweet that offered a quote from Simon Sinek. It read, “Success is when reality catches up to your imagination.” Intrigued, I looked into who this Simon fellow was (late in the game compared to some – but my curiosity was just recently peaked).

The first thing to appear upon typing his name into Google is the following website: http://www.startwithwhy.com/ Nothing extremely fancy, but my eyes clicked on the clear and to the point message which is found front and center, “All organizations and careers function on 3 levels. What you do, How you do it and Why you do it. The problem is, most don’t even know that Why exists.”

I plan to revisit this post to elaborate, but in the meantime – I invite my readers to consider this question of all questions. Why?

Why do you do tasks a certain way at work each day? Why do you complete chores around your home a certain way? Does the answer to ALL of your Why’s still make sense, or is it time to change things up and take on a new approach?

Just something to think about! As always, I invite and encourage your comments! Thanks for reading!

Your fellow thinker,



One thought on ““why” | what a concept

  1. Great point, Sara. When I’m brainstorming with clients, I usually hear a lot of ‘we need to do this!’ However, when I stop them and ask ‘why?’ I hear crickets. The need to do ‘something’ in business is too often reactionary and a result of a competitor’s recent marketing efforts or new product/service development. We need to keep our eyes on what’s best for out business, which is both an answer to ‘why?’ and an invitation to another ‘why?’

    But I think if you can exhaust all of the why’s, you can truly see your end game for what it’s worth.

    Great post – looking forward to more.

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