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know your limits….or ignore them

In my current position as a marketing coordinator for a small woman owned firm in Richmond, Virginia – I inherited the task of bringing a “Thought for the Week” to the table at each Monday Morning office meeting. This thought is meant to inspire the entire staff for the week, encourage us to express our goals ahead, our trials, our successes – in essence, the quote is a tool used to jump-start our minds for the week.

It is fascinating to listen to my colleagues interpret each quote differently. Some mornings are fluid, cohesive, with everyone in agreement of the meaning behind this one tiny line of words. Others – just five words can spark a healthy flurry of debate! Never a dull moment!

This week – the quote spoke to several of my teammates as we nearly made it around the entire 20 person conference table with a legitimate comment from each mouth! Now that the anticipation has been killing you, I’ll share this infamous quote.

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.” Mae Jemison

Mae JemisonNow – for some background on the speaker of this significant line. Mae Jemison was the first African American woman to travel in space in 1992. Think about that for a moment – space is about as limitless as you can get!! And this woman, who I’m sure was fully capable, often confident, and goodness knows strong-willed (she must have been!) had to perservere in order to achieve this lofty goal!! Did she let limited imaginations stop her? In case you missed it…the answer is NO! She absolutely did not.

So – put this in perspective related your current situation. Every single day we are ALL faced with decisions, ideas that get shot down, difficult family members, colleagues, spouses, friends – who though they deep down respect us – they can unintentionally put limits on our goals and imaginations. And vice versa! Watch for it one day at work or with your friends – listen to yourself tell someone that you don’t think their goal (no matter how big or small) can be achieved. You mean nothing by it, but you accidentally douse their hope of achieving that one thing they expressed to you.

Now, before I step off my soap box – I am still strong advocate of checks and balances, being realistic, logistically thinking things through, and achieving solutions. But the point here – is that if you limit yourself or those around you before you ever get your idea out into the open – how with you ever blast off??

As always, thanks for reading – share your thoughts – and I look forward to sharing more of mine ahead.



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