first post for create richmond!

I was too excited not to share my first official post for the Create Richmond blog – a new creative group and now growing online forum that is brainchild of my husband, most know him online as @Sebacore, and one of his creative confidants, @ElleDmytryszyn!

First! A bit about Create:

“Welcome to the create richmond blog!

Our mission is to inspire creativity as well as provide support and motivation for the socially awkward creatives living and breathing in Richmond, Virginia.

Our vision is to create a group for creative, fun people to share ideas and motivate others in a casual and comfortable environment in hopes of gaining experience and building a strong portfolio.

We value: creativity | inspiration | encouragement | experience | ideas | knowledge | opportunity.

create is a group of people who get together to chat about creative topics such as:

  • Art
  • Books
  • Design
  • Marketing | Communications
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Writing

Want to learn more? Click here: Create

Next, my first official post – which is accompanied by a few initial entries and many more to come!

Victory Before Defeat

I attend a local gym that displays a sign on the door that reads, “You’ve made it here, that’s half the battle.”  I’ve been going there for over a year, and every time I read that sign before pushing myself that extra step further I feel so much better about myself.  It is so easy to talk yourself out of the simplest tasks – to be overwhelmed by creating a routine, by packing a gym bag each day, changing from work clothes to gym clothes (not to mention leaving work at the door), driving over to the gym, finding a parking space, picking the machine that feels right, ignoring the people all around you with their own interesting workout habits, and staying on until you have reached the goals you have set once you are on.  But after all of that, you eventually find your groove……read on for more!




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