“ding, buzz, pop” distract!

i’ve been thinking about writing this post for quite some time now.  have you ever taken note of how many audio distractions surround us??  our phones beep and buzz, not only just when someone calls now, but when someone sends us a text message, an email, and social network notification.  our work computers buzz and pop with updates appear, emails come through, and reminders from our calendars pop up. our clocks tick loudly, our printers whirrrr and buzzzz, office chatter surrounds us.  SO with all of this audio distraction – it’s really no wonder our stress levels can sometime rise without us even realizing why.

i wish i was writing this because i had the answer, the solution, to how to rid ourselves of all of these unwanted but apparently necessary audible clutter-bugs.  the only suggestion i can make is this – begin your day by setting your goals, try to determine when you need to have your email and social networks open, decide if it is a day when you can leave your phone on volume or if you need to turn it off, set aside “focus time” when trying to write, edit, and produce a final product.

i intend to do more research on how we can work around such impediments – but until then – thoughts and tips on what works for all of you out there are welcome as always!


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