the healing powers of a good run

if you had asked me a year ago “are you a runner” i would have said HELL NO, are you crazy? i was active a year ago, went to the gym now and then, enjoyed walks, did some yoga. but all the while i was a smoker (had been trying to quit since college graduation), i ate somewhat healthy food – but nothing to make a nutritionist swoon for sure.

anyway, now to the point. i mentioned in an earlier post the importance of routine. in that post, i explained that due to nature not giving me the strongest lungs and ankles running was difficult. i never pushed my physical and mental strength as a team to achieve the goals i knew deep down i could. i let doubt take me over. NOW – i know i can run any distance i push, prepare, and train my body for. i ran 5 miles at the gym tonight – sorry to gross you fellows out, but i worked up a good sweat, jammed to some fun tunes, and just got “out of my head” for a minutes. to feel untouchable, like you can block out the worries and the stresses of the world at least for those miles you choose to run – it’s just therapy.

not always easy to get started – but for all of your former “me’s” out there – once you do start – it’s worth it!

(disclaimer – you can also apply this to walking, yoga, aerobics, cycling, ANYTHING physical AND to anything mental – studying, achieving your work goals, organization, and much more)

have faith and you can do anything (cliche, but damn if it’s not true!)


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