before the jury

some people are born to be laid back, confident in every decision, and to top that off seem to have skin made of leather. nothing seems to phase, hurt, or distract them from what they have decided to do. this can be a good and bad quality. on one hand, you will be successful – you know how to get what you want and without too many emotions or second thoughts getting in the way, should have no trouble achieving your goals. on the other hand, you may end up trampling on some people and feelings along the way without ever realizing it.

i am always told by those around me that i am “too nice” “too sensitive” and “too quick to defend” – is that because i am surrounded by these tough skinned people who were born SURE about everything? just the fact that i am writing this post (and you will notice several others seem to include phrases like “i suppose” “others say” etc…) shows that i must feel the need to defend my nature and my typical actions – so fine, here goes:

let me state, (out to the random blogosphere of strangers-really brave, i know) that i am tired of being told that i am too nice, sensitive, and defensive. i admit these qualities have a tendency of making things more complicated than they need to be. but i pride myself in defending my professional and personal ability to accomplish the most detailed tasks and the more confrontational situations, all the while remaining considerate of those around me, and am strong enough to overcome any adversity i meet along the way – even if i don’t “trample over” it

so for any former or current doubters – i say STOP. i am fully capable of achieving what needs to be done in my own way. i am confident in my decisions, and if in the process of making decisions see nothing weak about asking for the opinions of those closest to me. i am sensitive and will always be – but that attribute enables me to empathize with nearly every person i have the pleasure (or pain) of interacting with.

not to gloat – but give me something to handle, and i’ll handle it

case closed (gavel sounds)


One thought on “before the jury

  1. Brandi says:

    well said right on! makes me think of someone we both know 😉

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