routine…the importance and the diffculty

many would agree that starting or getting into a routine is the most diffcult step, making a resolution is easy, sticking to it is another story.

take for example:
– a healthy diet (we aren’t talking a get thin quick scheme, but an actual life change in diet)
– an exercise plan (again, not to reach a goal and then stop, but a plan maintain strength, and health)
– a manageable way to complete daily tasks at work and at home
– (though listed last here and not always easy, this should always be priority) family and social time = mental health

i am proud to say that 2010 has thus far been a year in which this difficult start has finally clicked. i have been motivated to develop multiple routines and stay with them after seeing results. i strive to eat healthy meals and snacks (without killing myself or beating myself up if i slip once in a while), i have been successful in weight loss by balancing this healthy eating schedule with working out, in march, i achieved my goal of completing another race in the time i was reaching for (finally gathering the mental will to run a distance without stopping despite my former excuses of weak ankles and tough lungs), and i take pride in keeping an orderly home, on the norm – things are put away and though i dread sunday nights as the nights i must have everything prepared for the coming week including laundry, lunches, meal ideas for the week, and more – i feel accomplished when i have everything in order.

so, my question to other soon-to-be wives and eventually mothers (god willing) like me are, how do we balance all of these spheres of routine without getting exhausted? it has been approximately five months of consistent new juggling for me, and i can sometimes feel the tension of responsibilty to keep these “balls in the air” as they say for fear they will all drop and i will have to start from scratch again. if you must drop a ball, how do you choose which to drop? how does one with a nature such as mine avoid feeling like a failure for dropping any of them? i think a good point is made in observations of women my age setting an expectation of themselves to be successful in the workplaces, well liked, respected – as well as in the home, as a wife, mother, friend to other girlfriends dealing with similars wants and needs. what is the best way for us to support ourselves and each other

the older i get, the more i respect the generations before us who balanced more struggles than we can imagine (including war, the depression, lack of the technology and resources we have today). (there will likely be some elaboration on this at a later date)

thanks for “listening” and reading.


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