now…let’s talk about worry

worry – that is an personality trait that is much more difficult to control

i still haven’t determined if worry is completely “genetic” or if it is learned or if it may be a combination of these two factors. i am sure there is research on the matter, and plenty of advice on how to control your worry, but there have to be those in addition to myself who sometimes find it impossible not to be carried away by a bout of worry. there are plenty of articles out there focused on living in the now, not focusing on the past or concerning yourself with the future. but when the future holds your goals and you need to have some kind of plan in order to achieve them, doesn’t that require a little bit of worry?

my point here is that i think worry in moderation can be healthy, but worry that takes you over – must be dealt with in the appropriate manner. still looking for the best methods of conquering the “carry-away” worry.


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